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Immerse yourself in the fascination of Tyrol.

EXPERIENCE TIROL is only available in Innsbruck. The immersive experience is unique and the new way to experience Tyrol. The latest technologies and a stirring history allow us to get to know better the history, culture, art, nature and sports of this unique country. New perspectives, emotional moments and 1,000 memories are waiting for you. Five rooms that will captivate you.


Take a seat and get ready. A unique, virtual journey begins. A journey through the eventful past of Tyrol. Together we meet world famous people like the Man from the Eternal Ice, Emperor Maximilian or the protagonists of the battles of Bergisel. We see how the people of Tyrol fared between the world wars and experience the period of economic boom.

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Tyrol is rich in traditions, customs and cultural treasures. But who manages to experience all of these in less than an hour? You. EXPERIENCE TIROL makes it possible. From the carnival customs, May festivals and mountain fires to the South Tyrolean Törggelen and the mountain Christmas. We experience the different valleys and regions, the special costumes and traditions of the people.

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When people think of Tyrol, high mountains, spectacular views, deep valleys and breathtaking nature usually come to mind first. But Tyrol also has a lot to offer artistically. Not only big names like Albin Egger-Lienz, but works that have shaped generations. Literature that moves to this day and music that is known far beyond the borders. Sit down, drop and enjoy. Art from Tyrol.

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What would Tyrol be without its nature? Probably poorer by a few stories. Tyrol’s nature is one of its greatest treasures. This makes it all the more important that people, whether locals or guests, understand and appreciate them. Fly with us over the highest peaks, lushest alpine meadows and most beautiful valleys. Feel free like an eagle, while getting to know the land better and the reasons why this habitat is so worth protecting.

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Two Winter Olympic Games (1964 and 1976). The European Football Championship 2008. Several Nordic World Championships and Alpine Ski World Championships. The Four Hills Tournament on the Bergiselschanze. The Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbühel. Tyrol is host country and home to major sporting events. Many people have learned to ski here or climbed a peak for the first time. A place where you can be active yourself and create unforgettable sports memories.

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